Eastbourne Pool – free training for local lifeguards

Eastbourne Summer Pool
Hello all Summer Pool swimmers – PROGRESS!!
Thanks to the Community Board for supporting the Summer Pool Action Group
After all of the work and support from so many in the community last summer it is wonderful to see that the HCC has listened to our request to extend the summer pool season. The Eastbourne Community Board made this announcement in the June issue of the Eastbourne Herald:
“The Council…is providing free training to residents interested in working as lifeguards at the Eastbourne summer pool. This initiative aims to extend the pool season. Volunteers would need to complete three days of study and pool work and have a first aid certificate (an additional day). After the course, there is twenty hours of buddy work to familiarise routines. Hutt City funds and provides this training”
If you are interested in being part of this please email
Of course we don’t know yet, but if enough people volunteer we might get a few extra weeks of swimming next summer!