GWRC logoCore functions:


Pest management is about protecting our environment, economy and way of life from the harmful impacts of pests and diseases.

Emergency management

We co-ordinate the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group for the region. We work together to minimise the potential effects of emergencies, prepare ourselves and the community, respond to emergencies and help the community to recover.


The region’s natural resources – land, water, air, energy – sustain our lives. We help people to use these resources appropriately and sustainably.

Flood protection

The region’s many rivers mean homes, farmland, jobs, livelihoods and property can be at risk from flooding. We help communities protect themselves from the effects of flooding.


We look after the navigational safety of all vessels in the harbours of Wellington and Porirua and around the regional coastline. We encourage safe boating behaviour and are ready to respond in case of a marine oil spill.

Land management

About 40 per cent of the Wellington region is erosion-prone hill country. Soil erosion can be prevented or reduced by improving the way the land is used, perhaps by planting trees, by changing management systems, or by allowing native bush to grow in areas that are at risk from erosion. We work with landowners to control soil erosion.

Parks and forests

We maintain a network of regional parks and forests, enjoyed by thousands of people every year. We also look after their environmental and historical features.

Pollution control

We maintain a 24-hour incident response service, conduct environmental assessments of industrial and commercial sites, and maintain a register of sites with hazardous industries or activities. To report a pollution incident, phone 04-384 5708, or freephone 0800 4WN REG.


We fund bus and train services, we plan the roading network and we build public transport infrastructure. Greater Wellington spends about $30 million each year subsidising public transport.

Water supply

Greater Wellington collects and treats all the drinking water used in Wellington, Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua. We are the region’s ‘wholesale’ water supplier, delivering high-quality treated water to the main reservoirs in each city, from where the four city councils supply homes and businesses.