TuiThe Eastbourne Community Board, representing the people of Eastbourne;
Recognises that we are part of a community living in a unique environment,
Believes that we have been entrusted with the care of an environment which is a major asset of the Wellington region,
Desires to conserve and enhance this asset for the enjoyment of future generations of residents and visitors, and therefore;
Acknowledges and promotes the key characteristics of Eastbourne and the Bays as:
1. A community situated on the coast of Wellington harbour, bounded by the sea on the one side and on the other by bush-clad hills;
2. A community comprising a string of smaller communities, with residential areas of low-rise, low-density housing, interspersed with many trees;
3. A community in which the citizens care and respect each other’s differences and right to quiet enjoyment of their surroundings;
4. A community where industry and commerce have developed without detriment to the natural environment;
5. A community where the arts are valued and where participation in theatre, painting, pottery, music, gardening and sports is actively fostered and encouraged ;
6. A community concerned for the welfare of the young and the old where the elderly may retire in dignity, where families have access to facilities to raise their children in an environment which promotes safety and well-being;
7. A community which values and encourages preservation of its heritage and history.
It is our stated intent that the recognition of these principles and acceptance of the key characteristics will underlie the activities which we as a community and board undertake, and that they will provide the criteria against which, and within which, any district plans, strategic plans or developmental or organisational initiatives may be assessed.