Eastbourne Lions ClubWe are ordinary people in the community who volunteer by rolling up our sleeves to help with the needs of our community.

When funds are raised the full proceeds go to the cause as Lions Clubs do not incur administration costs. This makes us distinctly different from other charities and fund raisers.

People who live in the community know their communities needs and because Lions Clubs are autonomous, decisions about community projects are made at a grass roots level.  Lions projects tend to be very hands on, and we actively work alongside organisations that we support.

Eastbourne Lions are involved in and support many local activities. Their regular event is the monthly rubbish skip (see below) which saves locals from having to travel out of the bays for disposal of rubbish and recycling.

They also have a popular Annual Lions Auction and Garage Sale of community goods, and an Annual Eastbourne Market Day.

Eastbourne Lions are also on Facebook

Monthly Skip Bin – Pencarrow Bus Barn, last Saturday of each month.

Simple and affordable rubbish disposal is available monthly at our skip. We are trialling a new e-waste collection system over spring and summer. Payment in cash only.
Open on the last Saturday of each month, from 8:00 am to 11:30 am. We’ll be there to help you unload! This month’s skip day is the 29th October.
View the calendar for actual dates

• general rubbish
• green waste
• building waste
• rubble/concrete
• sharps
• hazardous waste
• oils
• solvents
• paints
• garden sprays or
other chemicals


Skip: E-waste:
$ 15. car boot
$20. SUV
$30. small trailer or ute
$40. large trailer
$5. small items (cellphones, gaming consoles, 500g of
household batteries, etc.)
$10. medium items (laptops, lawnmowers, microwaves,
stereos, etc.)
$15. large items (printers, computers, TVs, etc.)
$20. whiteware (fridges, washing machines, etc.)
$30. CRT monitors and TVs

E-waste disposal with help from:Recycling for Charity