The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2019 to Michael Richard Parker & the Menzshed, Gen Packer & Mary Ryan and Maree Jansen & Eddie Jansen

Michael Richard Parker & the Menzshed “ Enthusiasm and creativity in building and repairing so many wonderful items for the Eastbourne community”

The Chair read the citation of Michael Richard Parker and the Menzshed (the Menzshed) and thanked them for their work in the community. She noted the Menzshed had generously created a variety of items for the Eastbourne community and beyond. She added their work was greatly appreciated by all.

Gen Packer & Mary Ryan “ Commitment to sustainability and a plastic-free Eastbourne through the creation of wild and wonderful Boomerang Bags”

Mr Ashe read Gen Packer and Mary Ryan’s citation and thanked them for their creative enterprise to help the environment. He noted the 1,100 beautiful bags created by the 20-strong group of volunteer sewers had been a great success in the local community and a positive initiative to reduce plastic bag use.

Maree Jansen & Eddie Jansen ( Youth Trust) “Creating a welcoming place for the young people of Eastbourne to make new friends and enjoy being together in a fun environment.”

Ms Knight read Eddie and Maree Jansen’s citation and thanked them for their work with Eastbourne youth. She said Eddie and Maree Jansen had led the Eastbourne Youth Group for five years. They had ensured activities were well planned and supervised and that the group remained financially sustainable. She added they had achieved a high level of engagement with the local community