Hutt City Council have a green waste collection for garden (but not household) organic waste.

Point Howard Community Garden takes compost, garden is located just past the Playcentre opposite 10 Ngaumatau Road, Point Howard .

Free Tree Chip Mulch

  • Where? 509 Muritai Road (extreme southern end – after Bus Barn – before Burdan’s Gate). Just help yourself. For homes and schools. Not for on-selling.
  • What? Tree chip is the by-product of tree management (pruning, felling) a chopped-up mix of fresh leaves, bark and wood.
  • Why? An organic mulch (e.g. tree chip) works like a blanket. It buffers soil temperature extremes, conserves soil water and suppresses weeds. It also creates food and habitat for soil animals (beetles, slaters, worms…) which are food for birds. These burrowing soil animals increase soil aeration and increase soil drainage. They also drag food particles deep into the soil (~20 cm) which increases soil organic matter, which increases soil water-holding capacity and soil mineral-holding capacity.

If you know of any other options for organic waste recycling please let us know.