WREMO logoCivil Defence / Emergency Management is coordinated by Wellington Region Emergency Management Office or WREMO.

Community Emergency Hubs are pre-identified places for the community to coordinate our efforts to help each other during and after a disaster. They are opened by people like you in your community, not official staff, when there is need for the community to help itself.

Eastern Bays have 3 officially designated community hubs:

Sea level rise

Eastbourne is a coastal community, our single road access at sea-level makes us vulnerable to storm events and also sea level rise in the future.

Find out more about sea level rise https://www.searise.nz/

Eastern Bays Climate Change Response Network has been recently initiated to coordinate a local response to the issues of climate change, particularly in our case, sea level rise. There are videos and reports of meetings here and updates will be added.


Being close to the Alpine Fault line and the Hikorangi Fault Eastern bays are also vulnerable to both earthquakes and tsunami hazards. This animated report (https://faultlines.nz/)  gives a very good overview of the Alpine Fault and how it may affect us.