The Council's independent representation review recommends that community boards be disestablished. Find out more and have your say.

Proposal to disestablish community boards

The Hutt City Council’s independent representation review recommends that community boards, including the Eastbourne Community Board, be disestablished.
The Eastbourne Community Board believes that community boards provide an invaluable service to residents.
The report argues that representation is inequitable with only three community boards in Hutt City, in Eastbourne, Petone and Wainuiomata. We believe that introducing a community board to each ward would be a better way to address this inequality. (This would see the Eastbourne and Petone Community Boards combine for Harbour Ward).

The report also argues that community boards, established in 1989, are no longer relevant in the twenty-first century. The Eastbourne Community Board believes that in this digital age, face-to-face access to elected representatives who are neighbours in our communities has never been more important.
Council is consulting on the proposal until 1 August and we encourage Eastbourne residents to share their views.

We will be posting analysis and details of the activities the community board has been involved in and often lead, and why we think the community board structure is the best option for all wards. We will post updates as these are added.

If you want to ask questions or raise issues feel free to contact any of the board members.

If you haven’t attended a Board meeting, here’s the agenda, but also the  Chairs Report on formal board activities for the past period (does not include all the informal activities, meetings and interactions).

If you want to stay informed we will also be sending out news updates – you can sign up here, just sign up to Community Board News

The review report, and ways to submit your feelings and opinions are here.

NOTICEIf you want to keep your community board then you need to tell HCC – submit your views via the link above, and you can also speak to council in person (you are not obliged to speak even if you say you want to make an oral submission).