Community group

The Eastbourne Community Board may award up to six (including one youth award starting 2022) “Eastbournes” each calendar year to individuals or organisations from Eastbourne who have had noteworthy achievements in the current year or have made a significant contribution to Eastbourne over a period of years. The Community Board chooses recipients of the Awards, and there is no formal process of nomination. Awards will be for the current year or a specified period, thus, repeat awards are also possible. The time and place for the presentation of the Awards will generally be late in the year. Awards may not be presented every year, and are not awarded in local body election years.

Award recipients


  • Lloyd Jones – Montana Book Awards winner for Mr Pip
  • George Gibbs – Montana Book Awards winner for Ghosts of Gondwana, numerous scientific papers and books on New Zealand insects rising from his  passion for New Zealand’s natural history.
  • Butterfly Creek Players – entertaining the community and giving aspiring actors the opportunity to flourish
  • Geoff Mann – many years of service to ECB
  • Ann Packer – Montana Book Awards winner for Stitch: Contemporary New Zealand Textile Artists, contribution to journalism, photographing and telling our stories in the  Eastbourne Herald

2008 – no awards


  • Gail McJorrow – community initiatives.( early childhood, yacht club, Muritai School)
  • Ross Carroll – voluntary fire service
  • Barry Wilson – securing assets ( Rona Bay Wharf + defibrillator trust)
  • Eastbourne Rights – John McEwen and Jeff Tallon



  • Mary Greig-Clayton – Rotary, community
  • Ian & Margaret Rankine – Red Cross & civil defence
  • Jill Herman – services to mothers and young people
  • Wal Louden – wharf, defribrillator trust, sport & environment

2012 – no awards


  • David McDougall – dunes group
  • John Stevenson – community service
  • Okiwi Trust – rep Pippa de Court
  • Ray Gough – youth & swimming ( swimming fanatic)


  • Brian Heath services to Eastbourne Community and Youth
  • Hugh Walcott ( Eastbourne Games)
  • Derek Wilshere ( junr hockey)
  • Historical Society of Eastbourne


  • Barry Ray ( fire service)
  • Toy Library
  • EHEA
  • Phil Benge ( photographer of Eastbourne)

2016/2017 – no awards


  • Sally Bain – in recognition of Eastbourne’s environmental warrior who has made Eastbourne a more beautiful place for all who live here.
  • Avi Duckor–Jones
  • Maureen Buckley ( teaching )
  • Shihan Renshi
  • Mary McCallum ( publisher of Eastbourne Writers)


  • Michael Richard Parker and the Menzshed “ Enthusiasm and creativity in building and repairing so many wonderful items for the Eastbourne community”
  • Gen Packer & Mary Ryan “ Commitment to sustainability and a plastic-free Eastbourne through the creation of wild and wonderful Boomerang Bags”
  • Maree Jansen and Eddie Jansen ( Youth Trust) “Creating a welcoming place for the young people of Eastbourne to make new friends and enjoy being together in a fun environment.”


  • Jan Heine – many decades of caring for Eastbourne’s beach and bush environment.
  • George Tuffin – forty-six years of leading the Eastbourne-Bays Community Trust and his service to many other Eastbourne community organisations as chair, treasurer, auditor, manager, volunteer and piper extraordinaire.
  • Don Long – the way he has enriched our lives by showing us the fascinating and colourful history of Eastbourne.
  • Ali Carew – many years of editing, writing, collecting and sharing the stories of New Zealand and Eastbourne, to help us better understand our past and imagine better futures.


  • Gail Abel – for many decades caring for Eastbourne’s forests and lakes
  • Judy Lawrence – for helping community groups in Eastbourne and other communities in New Zealand and the world to better understand the impacts of sea level rise and the ways we can plan for a different future.
  • Joanna and Richard Ponder – for sharing their love of books and art the residents of Eastbourne and their generous contribution to the cultural life of the community.
  • David Cheyne – for his crucial role in preserving the safety of our sailors in more than 20 yearsservice as starter and judge for the Muritai Yacht Club.

2022 – no awards


  • Ginny Horrocks – For her many years of service to Eastbourne on the Community Board and as a life long campaigner on environmental and community issues.
  • Allison Gandy – For her tireless service to Point Howard residents, including leadership of the Point Howard Residents’ Association.
  • Daisy  Yan –  For services to Eastbourne Community as Pharmacist
  • Sue Fieldes – The Heartbeat of Muritai School Library