Maire Street Shared PathMaire Street shared path is another stage in creating safe cycling and walking along the Eastbourne waterfront.

In mid 2020 the Eastbourne Community Board (ECB) was given the ok to use unspent administration funds (around $3000) on a community project, with the proviso it was spent, or at least committed, by the end of the financial year (June 2020). A variety of projects were considered but the viable options were quickly narrowed down based on the cost and deadline. A trial shared path along the waterfront side of the Maire Street car park (south of Shortt Park) was identified as the most viable option and HCC agreed to action this.

Support for a path was raised by various users of the area, but others, especially some local residents raised various concerns. ECB undertook to complete a survey of users of the area
following the trial and this was carried out recently. The results are summarised here. The full survey results will also be made available on request (no personal details were collected).

There has subsequently been a redesign of the parking adjacent to the ESSC on Tuatoru Street corner. As this does not impact residents there was no survey, just consultation with ESSC.

Update: The upgrades are beginning – details here.