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E-Waste – free collection

August 9 - August 18

Electronic waste collection banner

Eastbourne Bay residents will be able to dispose of old phones, laptops, printers, tvs… any anything with a plug, or FREE, this August thanks to a donation from the Eastbourne Games Charitable Trust and support by the Eastbourne Lions.

When: 9th – 18th August 2024

Where: Each bay (Muritai to Point Howard) will have secure drop off areas as follows:

Collection point Address
Muritai 5A Tawa St
Rona Bay 18 Totara St
Days Bay 38 Kotari road
Mahina Bay 8 Mahina Rd
York Bay 20 Taungata Rd.
Lowry Bay TBA
Pt Howard TBA

How: The E-Waste collection is being managed by the Eastbourne Lions with the help of the Eastbourne Scouts. At the end of the collection period Lions will deliver the collected e-waste to EchoTech in Seaview for secure disposal. You can book your collection using the Google form below.


  1. Will there be limit to the number of devices I can give? Yes, there are physical and financial limits to this free disposal service so we recommend you book your collection in advanced.
  2. What types of electrical devices will you collect? The priority of this collection is the most toxic stuff (computers, mobile phones, tablets etc.), but really we will take anything with a plug off your hands. The actual list of what Echo will accept is down the bottom of the EchoTech website.
  3. What types of things will you NOT collect? We will not collect hazardous waste like paint, chemicals, or LPG Gas Bottles. These you can take to Silverstream landfill. We will also not accept CDs, DVDs, VHS, LED or household lightbulbs, these can go in your red bin.
  4. What do I need to do with my devices before handing them over? We recommend – if you can – to backup any data you want first, permanently delete personal data, remove memory cards (if accessible), and sign out of any accounts that you may have opened. We will treat all devices as if they containing confidential data, and ensure a secure transit to their final destination as determined by EchoTech.

Pre-book your e-waste collection here:

Resources: Some useful e-waste related resources:


August 9
August 18
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