Insurance Impacts of Climate Change

4 phases of climate change response - Avoid Protect Accommodate Retreat

At the recent Eastern Bays Climate Change Response meeting Belinda Storey of Climate Sigma spoke about the impacts of climate change on insurance, and what insurance providers response tell us about what to expect.

This article in Stuff  – Homes to start losing access to insurance within 15 years – report,  is just one of many that are now appearing in the media, telling us about what to expect in the future.

Radio NZ also features a warning – Building in flood-prone locations needs to stop, insurer IAG says

If you want to stay informed on this issue with respect to the Eastern bays you can register here.

The full meeting and all presentations can be viewed in this report, or you can view Belinda’s presentation below.

Belinda Storey, Managing Director at Climate Sigma – (RNZ: Insurance costs could increase massively as climate risk rises – modeller) In 2017, Belinda coined the term “insurance retreat” and her new model “climate leases” estimates the time limit climate change is imposing on property exposed to extreme weather.