Tupua Horo Nuku Construction Update

Tupua Horo Nuku Eastern Bays Shared Path
Tupua Horo Nuku Construction Update
Kia ora koutou,
The construction team has been progressing well on Tupua Horo Nuku with large sections of the seawall foundations now in place.
In further works next week the team will be upgrading and enhancing areas of the foreshore in front of HW Shortt Park, and establishing a Bird Protection Area to create a nesting habitat for Little Blue Penguins/Kororā, disturbed during the construction in other bays.
The Bird Protection Area will include the following:
  • Signage advising the area is a Kororā nesting habitat
  • New penguin nesting boxes will be installed.
  • The timber fence between HW Shortt Park and the foredune area will be upgraded and repaired to try and reduce the likelihood of Kororā wandering into the park at night.
  • A suspended rope barrier will be installed along the seaward side of the area, to encourage appropriate behaviour from people and dogs using the foreshore area, without restricting access or impeding Kororā from accessing the water to feed at night.
  • Predator traps will be installed within the nesting habitat.
  • Planting of native species within the area to continue the restoration work already completed by residents.
Construction is expected to take two days and will be managed to minimise noise and any disruption to residents or park users.
Please note that once installed the rope barrier and signage do not restrict access to the beach and sand dunes. They are designed to inform people of the penguin habitats and encourage them to be aware and cautious of this when walking through, particularly when walking dogs in the area.
Further information on Tupua Horo Nuku can be found on our website: hutt.city/tupuahoronuku