Tupua Horo Nuku – continuing works in Sunshine Bay

Update from project team

Kia ora,

The Tupua Horo Nuku project is continuing to progress in Sunshine Bay and Mā-koromiko.

We have successfully completed pre-construction tasks in Sunshine Bay which included survey works, ground investigations and ecological sweeps to check for wildlife and minor modifications to the rock revetments.

This week we have started on the removal of the old seawall in Sunshine Bay which is significantly thicker than the old seawall in Mā-koromiko. This work will facilitate the installation of the new rising sewer main behind the new seawall.

A lane closure will be in place for both Sunshine Bay & Mā-koromiko during work hours (7am – 5pm) with stop/go traffic control in place and a speed limit of 30km/h through the work areas.

Due to the tight working space in Sunshine Bay, we ask that pedestrians be escorted through site by our traffic controllers. This is for the safety of the public and our workers.

We understand these changes may be disruptive and are committed to minimising the impacts of construction where possible. If you have any questions, please contact us at tupuahoronuku@huttcity.govt.nz or on 0800 135 255.