We are ordinary people in the community who volunteer by rolling up our sleeves to help with the needs of our community. When funds are raised the full proceeds go to the cause as Lions Clubs do not incur administration costs. This makes us distinctly different from other charities and fund raisers. People who live in the community know their communities needs and because Lions Clubs are autonomous, decisions about community projects are made at a grass roots level.  Lions projects tend to be very hands on, and we actively work alongside organisations that we support. Eastbourne Lions are involved in and support many localRead More →

This fund supports local activities and events that directly benefit the communities concerned. Funding details on Hutt City website. Community boards and funding panels receive a set amount of funding to give out to applicants each financial year. Applications must support the Local Community Plan (if there is one) and also core Council business identified in our Long Term Plan. Eligibility criteria You must: have legal status as charitable trusts or incorporated societies that have the right to receive or administer charitable funding be based in Hutt City be planning an event/activity in Hutt City. Available funding for Eastbourne $2,366 What we fund Purchase of officeRead More →