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The full August 2022 newsletter (with images) is available as a pdf file download (400K) – below are introductions to the complete articles you can read when you get the full newsletter. A very Wellington story… A while ago we came across a delightful children’s book, The Little Cloud, published in 2017 by Mākaro Press. The story had been written in 1959 by Beverley Burch (later Longmore) and illustrated by local artist Elspeth Nicol. At the time they were both kindergarten teachers, and became lifelong friends… Oral history interviews on Access Radio Many of you have told us how much you enjoyed this series. JohnRead More →

Across the harbour from downtown Wellington, Eastbourne occupies a foreland built up by the meeting of sediment-laden currents. For centuries Māori occupied kāinga (settlements) in the sheltered bays, and more substantial pā on the headlands. Early pā sites include Matuaiwi and Korohiwa, to the north and south of what is now Eastbourne…https://nzhistory.govt.nz/keyword/eastbourne Place names The History of Days Bay, by 5H 2022, Wellesley CollegeRead More →