WREMO Workshops – are you ready for the next emergency?

Household Earthquake Planning session

If you’re not sure about your next step towards being better prepared for an emergency, the Household Earthquake Planning session is for you!

This free one-hour session will provide tips on how you to prepare to help yourself, your household and your community when the worst happens.

We’re coming to a suburb near you with a short-format class for a brief introduction to:

  • The hazards we face in the Wellington Region
  • The impacts of those hazards on your daily life
  • How you and your household can be prepared for an emergency
  • How you can get involved in the wider community’s response

Classes can vary in length to cover more or less information, so select a time and location that works for you from the options below and bring a friend! We’re scheduling these sessions all the time, so keep an eye out for one happening near you.

Community Earthquake Drills

Imagine that a large earthquake has struck the Wellington region. You’ve just made it home and checked on your family and neighbours. What do you do next?
We will open your local Community Emergency Hub. Come along to:
  • Discuss how your community can respond to the challenges of an emergency,
  • Get to know your community emergency hub,
  • Practice how it might pan out during a major event and
  • Meet your neighbours who will be a huge support when you need it most.