Lorde concerts, Days Bay, 6-10pm, 21 and 22 February

Council has shared the following information about its management plans for the Days Bay concerts:

– Seaside parking from the Wharf to Ferry Rd will be a no-parking zone from 4pm to midnight on each concert night (to allow maximum pedestrian and vehicle access after the concerts).
– No patron vehicle parking in Wellesley college or in the pavilion car park from 2pm on each day. (This area will be reserved for authorised vehicles and mobility-permitted vehicles only).
– The grounds at the corner of Keruru Rd and Marine Drive will be a $10 car parking area. The exit will be patrolled by traffic management in coordination with the wharf pedestrian crossing.
– Bishop Park will be a $5 concert parking area.

– Ferry Rd parking inlet will be used for drop off / pick up for 2 buses departing for Waterloo train station.
– Wellesley college bus parks will be used for buses arriving from Waterloo and Petone stations and for 4 buses departing for Wellington via Petone station.
– Additional ferry services will travel to Days Bay and 3 ticketed ferries will operate after the concerts.
– Public bus timetables will operate as normal.
– Ferry commuters can park in most spaces as normal. Some areas will need to be vacated by 4pm (such as the seaside parking wharf to Ferry Rd). Importantly it is on arrival and immediately after the concert that we need as much free space as possible to move pedestrians and vehicles as freely as possible.

– We will have 11 traffic management staff and 8 parking helpers across two parks plus 6 council staff on site.
– Traffic management will patrol the wharf pedestrian crossing from 4pm.
– Traffic management will create a temporary pedestrian crossing on the southern side of the temporary roundabout at the Marine Drive, Marine Parade and Muritai Road intersection to control traffic and pedestrian flows.
– A digital signboard in Gracefield or Point Howard