Council has shared the following information about its management plans for the Days Bay concerts: PARKING:– Seaside parking from the Wharf to Ferry Rd will be a no-parking zone from 4pm to midnight on each concert night (to allow maximum pedestrian and vehicle access after the concerts).– No patron vehicle parking in Wellesley college or in the pavilion car park from 2pm on each day. (This area will be reserved for authorised vehicles and mobility-permitted vehicles only).– The grounds at the corner of Keruru Rd and Marine Drive will be a $10 car parking area. The exit will be patrolled by traffic management in coordinationRead More →

The Community Board will again ask Metlink to answer questions about the Eastbourne bus service before our next meeting on 21 June. Metlink still blames the lack of drivers on the reduced service and hasn’t yet committed to reinstating the 85x bus service. We plan to ask why many buses leaving Eastbourne don’t appear on the app or RTI displays at the bus stops (which means commuters have no idea whether a bus is coming). We will also ask when Metlink will run bus services connected to the ferry service. And we are interested to know how many Eastbourne bus services are cancelled compared toRead More →