Community Communications

This is a trial of broadcasting community information – both streaming and Low Power FM (LPFM). The information in this broadcast is synthesised and may not be up to date.

This project started as Resilient Radio, an autonomous “radio station in a suitcase” (solar/battery) intended to be one channel (of several) for delivering community information, localised and timely, remotely controllable, with text-to-speech. During normal times it will provide localised useful data such as events, news, music etc.  (and including emergency preparation and resources), then in an emergency the local information can be uploaded and broadcast (local hazards, resources, requests for help etc.). This information would be timely, unlike national or even regional channels which will not have localised information or updates, may have significant delays, and may only be broadcast at long intervals.

A prototype FM transmitter unit has been tested with mobile (SMS and internet) control, a second unit is being developed.

This is also related to the Electronic Noticeboard project currently being trialed.

The streaming station is currently running on a RadioBoss platform.

Content is music from FMA and some local musicians, podcasts from Consumer NZ, Programmes from Hutt Zone, automated TTS (text to speech) trial announcements from RNZ (news headlines) and Metlink (transport cancellations), with locally recorded content. Future content is planned to include locally produced content, especially from school students.

Please contact me (Bruce Spedding) with any enquiries. You can listen to the broadcast here.