MIRO is an entirely volunteer organisation, working in partnership with Greater Wellington Regional Council to restore the forest and lake ecosystems in East Harbour Regional Park.   MIRO volunteers work in the Northern Forest, at the Parangarahu Lakes, the Gracefield Tree Nursery, and the Eastbourne foreshore and residential area.  In the Northern Forest, which is the part of the park adjacent to Eastbourne and Wainuiomata, MIRO’s work focussed for 20 years on controlling possums, which were damaging our native trees, especially rata.  Monitoring shows that possum numbers are being kept at low levels, so attention is now shifting to the control of stoats and rats, which prey on our native birds. About 50 MIRO volunteers service these traps every month, while others assist with quarterly rodent monitoring and 5-minuteRead More →

  MIRO is a group of volunteers who are committed to restoring the forest and lakes ecosystem of the East Harbour Regional Park. This includes the elimination of pests to allow vulnerable flora and fauna to flourish and the reintroduction of species lost to the Park. MIRO works with the Greater Wellington Regional Council and Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika in its predator control and restoration work and has undertaken the following activities in the last 12 months: Read MIRO Newsletter – Winter 2022  Read More →