Eastern Bays Climate Response Network

Report from Eastbourne and Bays Climate Response Meeting 16/11/22
The climate network is off to a great start. We now have 63 members, a wealth of information and projects set up to carry on into the new year. At the first meeting only a month ago a number of
people volunteered to gather information or form a group to work on a particular issue. Here’s what happened!!! (this report is also available for download)

Eastbourne Community Board – the creation of this network was facilitated by the EastbourneCommunity Board which will host the website, manage the contact list and pay some costs such as the hire of the venue.

Getting into action
Communication within the network and with the community – The comms group (including Hugh Walcott and Troy Baisden) will use the website https://eastbourne.nz as well as Facebook groups, the digital notice board at the library, emails and other channels to support networking and keep the community informed with news and links to resources. People can join the group using a form on the website, and also subscribe to email updates. Contact: Bruce Spedding winzurf@gmail.com

Building a relationship with Muritai School – A group from the Eastern Bays Climate Response Network met with Stu Devenport, the Muritai School principal, to talk about how we could work together to protect and restore our local environment. We plan to form a committee in the new year with representatives from the staff, students, whānau, and wider community to champion
environmental initiatives at the school.  Contact:  Robyn Langlands  robyn.langlands@gmail.com

Adaptation – this group is gathering data about how Eastbourne and Bays are likely to be affected by climate change and adaptation policies being developed locally and nationally. They have looked at initiatives already taken by other communities ( Makara, Glenorchy ) to see what we can learn from their projects. They plan to talk with Hutt Council about coordinating with us and supporting local initiatives. Contact: John Horrocks horrocj@gmail.com

Reducing car journeys – this could become a major focus for the network. As a first step Mel Johnston and Frank Vickers plan a facebook survey, introducing the network and asking for an
indication of people’s feeling about car sharing. Contact: Mel Johnston scribe@actrix.co.nz

Water drinking fountains – a group that had previously looked at getting drinking fountains installed in Bishop’s Park and the ESSC has been re-invigorated. They are identifying suitable sites and consulting on design and installation with council and the Great Harbour Way. Contact: Simon Shaw simonjshaw@xtra.co.nz

Money – a finance group – Hugh Walcott and Bjorn Johns are keen to help raise money!! Contact Hugh Walcott hughwalcott@gmail.com or bjornjohns@yahoo.com

Information gathered
What really happens to those soft plastic bags we put in the recycling at 4 Square? Philippa Barker found out they are sent to Future Post to manufacture plastic fence posts, vegetable garden edges
and parking bumpers here in New Zealand. Caroline Drury and Helen Jorgensen – checked out inorganic collection/ e-waste collection points You can recycle batteries at Bunnings, Polystyrene at Mitre 10 and now here in Eastbourne the Lions are trialling an e-waste collection over this spring and summer. There are several pages on the eastbourne.nz website under “Services -> Recycling and rubbish” https://eastbourne.nz/services/council/recycling-rubbish/
Caroline investigated the feasibility of inorganic waste collection. She contacted Earthlink and they would need all the leftover items to be stored in one place for pick up.  Pretty difficult for a
community to organise that. Something that would need to be done by Council. Peri Zee – recycling bins in parks (like the Pavilion). Peri spoke to Jörn Scherzer ( Sustainability and
Waste HCC) about this and he said it’s been trialled in a few places (including in the Hutt, but more extensively in WCC). Has not been successful as they find that the rates of contamination are
extremely high and the contracts are very costly (as they need to drive several different trucks around to separated places every few days rather than lots of bins once per week). Members of the network are keen to continue to pursue this.

Quentin Duthie our new Greater Wellington Regional Councillor reported on the Eastbourne bus situation and gave links to the regional council new reports on expected local effects of climate change.

If you are would like to become involved in any of the groups above get in touch with the contact person OR if there is something else you are keen on think of starting a new group.

You can also join the Eastern Bays Climate Response Network and/or subscribe to the email updates