Eastbourne Community Board

As expected, the ECB has had a busy start to the year. I acknowledge the ongoing support and incredible work ethic from Board members Frank Vickers (Deputy Chair), Murray Gibbons, Emily Keddell, Bruce Spedding and Tui Lewis. Point Howard slip: The Point Howard Residents Association, led by Allison Gandy, plays a significant role in liaising with Council and Wellington Water and communicating with residents following the significant slip event on 14 March. This demonstrates the importance of active, well-connected resident associations in the Eastern Bays and is a reminder of how vulnerable many areas of Eastbourne residents can be. The ECB’s Bruce Spedding continues to focusRead More →

The Eastbourne Community Digital Noticeboard has been operating at the library for some time. The information (screens) can now be viewed online. Besides normal community information there are events and dynamic information such as news headlines and travel information. If you notice anything incorrect please let us know. If you wish to see additional information let us know as well.Read More →

Eastern Bays Climate Response Network

Report from Eastbourne and Bays Climate Response Meeting 16/11/22 The climate network is off to a great start. We now have 63 members, a wealth of information and projects set up to carry on into the new year. At the first meeting only a month ago a number of people volunteered to gather information or form a group to work on a particular issue. Here’s what happened!!! (this report is also available for download) Eastbourne Community Board – the creation of this network was facilitated by the EastbourneCommunity Board which will host the website, manage the contact list and pay some costs such as theRead More →

Occasional email news, information, updates and consultations related to the Eastern Bays. You can choose to be updated on any of general Community/Board information,Climate Response and Business Group news. If you wish to update or cancel your subscription the links to do this are included at the bottom of each email we send. We collect this information from you for the sole purpose of sending you information updates, and will not use it for any other purpose or share it with any other organisation You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask forRead More →

2007 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2007 to the Lloyd Jones, George Gibbs, Butterfly Creek Players, Geoff Mann and Ann Packer. Lloyd Jones – Mister Pip (Penguin, 2006), Winner Montana Medal for  Fiction or Poetry, and Readers Choice Award, Montana New Zealand Book Awards, 2007 George Gibbs – Ghosts of Gondwana: The History of Life in New Zealand (Craig Potton Publishing, 2006), Winner, Environment Section Montana New Zealand Book Awards, 2007 Butterfly Creek Players – entertaining the community and giving aspiring actors the opportunity to flourish Geoff Mann – many years of service to ECB Anne Packer – STITCH  – CONTEMPORARY NEW ZEALAND TEXTILERead More →

2009 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2009 to Gail McJorrow, Ross Carroll, Barry Wilson and Eastbourne Rights Gail McJorrow – community initiatives.( early childhood, yacht club, Muritai School) Gail’s contribution to the Eastbourne Community has been enormous spanning twenty years. Gail had the foresight to identify the needs of Eastbourne families for a crèche. She was the key driving force in getting the required consents, purchasing the property, and setting up the crèche in 1990, now the Barnado Early Child Care Centre Trust with ongoing benefits for the Eastbourne community. Gail was also the instigator of much of the Muritai school fund-raisingRead More →

Ginny Horrocks with bike

The ECB, Mayor Campbell Barry, HCC CEO Jo Miller, and residents farewelled Virginia Horrocks as Chair of the Community Board last night. Ginny has been Chair for six of her nine years on the Board and is not standing again. She has made a significant impact on Eastbourne during her time on the Board. Among her many successes, she has helped ensure the Tupua Horo Nuku shared path project became a reality and has focused her energy and enthusiasm (and walked the talk) on climate change and the impact it will have on Eastbourne. Thank you Ginny.Read More →

Community group

The Eastbourne Community Board may award up to six (including one youth award starting 2022) “Eastbournes” each calendar year to individuals or organisations from Eastbourne who have had noteworthy achievements in the current year or have made a significant contribution to Eastbourne over a period of years. The Community Board chooses recipients of the Awards, and there is no formal process of nomination. Awards will be for the current year or a specified period, thus, repeat awards are also possible. The time and place for the presentation of the Awards will generally be late in the year. Awards may not be presented every year, andRead More →

ECB in conjunction with HCC and Eastbourne Library are trialing an electronic noticeboard to provide an alternative information source for those who don’t use social networks. This trial is running in the window of the library and contains a series of screens with community information, including some information which will update automatically such as weather forecasts. Projects, events, services and other information will be featured, and we are keen to get feedback on what the community would find useful. Send us your thoughts here.Read More →