About transport, water and emergency services alerts.

The Eastbourne.nz website attempts to provide timely information on community services in one place. To do this it uses a number of methods which can explain the format in each case.

Metlink (bus) information – this information is available in computer compatible format (API) from Metlink, so it’s possible to access specific bus cancellations as well as bus arrival times at each stop, in “real time”. Although it’s part of the Metlink network the East by West Ferry information is not available through this channel.

East by West Ferry – the website subscribes to email alerts for the ferry service, so notifications can be delayed, and the actual information can be very generic so it serves more as a “heads up” to check the ferry service.

Fire and Emergency Callouts – the FENZ website has a number of pages which display all callouts for the lower North Island for the last 7 days. These are searched for references to Eastbourne and summarised to show the callouts for Eastbourne over the previous 7 days and the reason for the callout.

Wellington Water – like the ferry information, these alerts are derived from email subscriptions so the information can be very generic and require further investigation. Actual reported water faults for the Eastern Bays are currently not accessible owing to the way WW run their websites.

The website also has a calendar of events, including the rubbish / recycling schedule – so you can check what bins you need to put out and when. Weather and tides are also available.

All this information is on the home page – if you notice any issues, or have any suggestions please let us know.