2021 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2021 to Gail Abel, Judy Lawrence, Joanna and Richard Ponder and David Cheyne Gail Abel – for many decades caring for Eastbourne’s forests and lakes for the many years of energy and love with which she has cared for the environment of Eastbourne and the Bays. Ms Abel was unable to attend the award ceremony due to a prior commitment. Her award will be presented at the meeting of the Board on Tuesday 8 February 2022. Judy Lawrence – for helping community groups in Eastbourne and other communities in New Zealand and the world to betterRead More →

2020 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2020 to Jan Heine, George Tuffin, Don Long and Ali Carew. Jan Heine – many decades of caring for Eastbourne’s beach and bush environment. Jan Heine’s story is intertwined with the stories of many of Eastbourne’s environmental groups. She has been involved in the establishment, governance, running, and day-to-day activity of many of them – and still is. Jan’s concern for Eastbourne and neighbouring environments started before she and her husband Arnold first climbed the 95 steps to their Days Bay home in 1983. In 1972 they were part of the group which established the HuttRead More →

2019 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2019 to Michael Richard Parker & the Menzshed, Gen Packer & Mary Ryan and Maree Jansen & Eddie Jansen Michael Richard Parker & the Menzshed “ Enthusiasm and creativity in building and repairing so many wonderful items for the Eastbourne community” The Chair read the citation of Michael Richard Parker and the Menzshed (the Menzshed) and thanked them for their work in the community. She noted the Menzshed had generously created a variety of items for the Eastbourne community and beyond. She added their work was greatly appreciated by all. Gen Packer & Mary Ryan “Read More →

The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ to Avi Duckor – Jones, Maureen Buckley, Shihan Renshi and Mary McCallum. Sally Bain – in recognition of Eastbourne’s environmental warrior who has made Eastbourne a more beautiful place for all who live here. Mr Gibbons read Ms Bain’s citation and thanked her for her involvement in and promotion of a number of community and environmental projects. Most recently her initiative as part of Educating Residents About Rats had created a very effective urban trap line throughout Eastbourne. Avi Duckor–Jones –  in recognition of his humanitarianism, his contribution to the arts and being New Zealand’s ‘Great Survivor’. Mr Ashe read MrRead More →

2015 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ to Barry Ray,  Toy Library,  EHEA and Phil Benge (information from Eastbourne Herald November 2015) Barry Ray – 25 years of outstanding service to the community as a volunteer with the Eastbourne Volunteer Fire Brigade Barry Ray was awarded an Eastbourne Award for 25 years of dedication to the Eastbourne Fire Service and the Eastbourne community. Barry’s service was recognised at a national level earlier this year when he was awarded a Gold Star for 25 years of service. With the presentation of an Eastbourne Award, “on behalf of the Eastbourne residents, we thank Barry forRead More →

2014 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2014 to the Brian Heath, the Eastbourne Historical Society, Hugh Walcott and Derek Wilshere. Brian Heath in recognition of services to Eastbourne Community and Youth Brian Heath has been actively involved in emergency management in Eastbourne since 1979. From the beginning he was responsible for all radio communications and networks and for many of those years he coordinated civil defence planning for Eastbourne and the Bays. In the heart of Eastbourne, in his kingdom above the library, Brian set up and still runs an emergency civil defence centre complete with food and water supplies, first aid,Read More →

2013 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2013 to the Ray Gough, the Pippa de Court and the Okiwi Volunteers, John Stevenson and David McDougal and the Eastbourne Dunes Protection Group. Ray Gough – For contribution to youth and swimming Ray Gough was born in England and arrived in New Zealand in 1947 as a young boy when his family emigrated from post war London in search of a better future. (Ray’s earliest memory is of Hitler’s V2 rockets landing on London). The family settled in Days Bay where Ray attended Wellesley College and Ray’s love affair with swimming began, in 1954 RayRead More →

2011 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2011 to the Mary Greig Clayton, the Wal Louden , Jill Herman and Ian and Margaret Rankine Ian and Margaret Rankine – in recognition of services to the Red Cross and Civil Defence. The Chair noted that the 10th of April 1968, Wahine Day, was a more significant day in the future life of Eastbourne than many know. That day Constable Gordon Hogg made a prophetic declaration. He asked Mr Ian Rankine to become the Local Civil Defence Warden for York Bay and Mrs Margaret Rankine to start Red Cross First Aid Classes. Mrs Rankine said that ConstableRead More →

2010 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2010 to the Eastbourne Library Team, the Lai Family and Ray Smith. Eastbourne Library Team Mr Rashbrooke commented that he was pleased to present an ‘Eastbourne’ to the local library team on behalf of the Board. He noted that the library had always been at the centre of the community, particularly after the local Council office in Eastbourne was closed following amalgamation. He further noted that a generation of children had attended the library as did those wishing to borrow books, read papers and magazines or meet up and chat to friends. He said that theRead More →

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The Eastbourne Community Board may award up to six (including one youth award starting 2022) “Eastbournes” each calendar year to individuals or organisations from Eastbourne who have had noteworthy achievements in the current year or have made a significant contribution to Eastbourne over a period of years. The Community Board chooses recipients of the Awards, and there is no formal process of nomination. Awards will be for the current year or a specified period, thus, repeat awards are also possible. The time and place for the presentation of the Awards will generally be late in the year. Awards may not be presented every year, andRead More →