Eastern Bays recycling options

BATTERY RECYCLING – most of us would like to recycle our batteries but collecting enough to warrant a trip to the recycling centre takes forever. We are trialling battery collection at the Eastbourne Library Foyer. These batteries will be taken to Bunnings when enough have been collected. YES: AA, AAA, 9V, 6V, power tool, button cell and other hand-held sized batteries are ok. SAFETY: Please put tape over all terminals to prevent short circuits – easier and safer for you to do this as you collect them. NO: Sorry, no acid batteries, car batteries, items with batteries built in, or anything bigger than 20cm xRead More →

The Eastbourne Community Digital Noticeboard has been operating at the library for some time. The information (screens) can now be viewed online. Besides normal community information there are events and dynamic information such as news headlines and travel information. If you notice anything incorrect please let us know. If you wish to see additional information let us know as well.Read More →

2010 The Board was pleased to present the ‘Eastbournes’ 2010 to the Eastbourne Library Team, the Lai Family and Ray Smith. Eastbourne Library Team Mr Rashbrooke commented that he was pleased to present an ‘Eastbourne’ to the local library team on behalf of the Board. He noted that the library had always been at the centre of the community, particularly after the local Council office in Eastbourne was closed following amalgamation. He further noted that a generation of children had attended the library as did those wishing to borrow books, read papers and magazines or meet up and chat to friends. He said that theRead More →

ECB in conjunction with HCC and Eastbourne Library are trialing an electronic noticeboard to provide an alternative information source for those who don’t use social networks. This trial is running in the window of the library and contains a series of screens with community information, including some information which will update automatically such as weather forecasts. Projects, events, services and other information will be featured, and we are keen to get feedback on what the community would find useful. Send us your thoughts here.Read More →

ECB in conjunction with HCC and the Eastbourne Library is trialing an electronic notice board in the window of the Eastbourne Library as part of our efforts to improve community communications and make information more accessible. Scroll down to see are a slideshow of some of the screens from the display. Below that are some dynamic content wit news headlines and bus information. More to come … Suggestions welcome – contact us. We are keen to get feedback on the display including what information you would like to see displayed. This is a dynamic screen to display news headlines from RNZ (refresh page to update)Read More →