Autonomous electric shuttle busMore than 60% of car trips taken by New Zealanders are less than 5km, while more than 30% are under 2km*. 5km is the approximate distance from Point Howard to Eastbourne Village ( or Petone supermarkets).

It’s not unreasonable to assume that about 50% of car trips in the bays are within the bays.

What if there was a smaller shuttle bus that ran back and forth between Seaview Marina and Burdan’s Gate, perhaps every 30 minutes, synchronised with the ferry service where possible? Current technology allows the buses to be tracked, so you could check the arrival/departure time at your stop with your phone; better planning, minimised waiting and reduced the risk of missing it.
You could easily catch the ferry without driving (and parking), or nip in to the village or Days Bay for shopping, a coffee, the library, or just travel around the bays as part of a hill walk or to catch up with friends – all without driving.
Fewer cars on the road, fewer car parks needed, more locals going to Days Bay or the village because it’s easier and closer. Better for those can’t or don’t drive. Better for school kids. Better for the environment.
What if it was electric and self driving? The simple 8km route (16km return) could lend itself to an autonomous electric bus. Self driving means it could operate all day without a break, and be economical to run. It could even operate “on-demand” outside normal hours for those late nights / early mornings, with a maximum wait time of about 15 minutes.
Note: This is a private survey and not associated with the Eastbourne Community Board or any other group.

Bruce Spedding,