(originally published in the Eastbourne Herald February 2023). More information on Eastbourne Civil Defence and Emergency Preparedness. As demonstrated so graphically in the latest weather events, the official emergency and support services may not be able to respond to every issue and will have to prioritise. This is especially true of the Eastern Bays as we are easily isolated and represent a small part of Hutt City. This means communities like ours will have to pitch in and look after each other. The most important thing is to keep up to date and informed. The failure of virtually all forms of communication and power haveRead More →

Churches and other religious groups and facilities in Ōkiwinui Eastbourne EASTBOURNE CHURCHES Churches have had a presence in Eastbourne since 1902. Today the three principal Christian denominations are represented by St Alban’s (Anglican), San Antonio (Catholic) and St Ronan’s (Presbyterian). The three churches have a long history of cooperation and fellowship, collaborating on initiatives such as Okiwi House, the Eastbourne Youth Worker Trust and the Eastbourne Toy Library. Combined services are a Good Friday Service and a Community Carols Service. ST ALBAN’S CHURCH The congregation has Sunday services at 10am in the Wellesley College Hall in Days Bay, as the historic church and hall in Ngaio Street, Eastbourne are closed for earthquake strengthening. MidweekRead More →